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This indenture made this Twentieth day April in the year of our lord one thosand [thousand] eight hundred and fifty seven between Elizabeth Boon A free negro woman of the county of Southampton and the mother of Nat Boon an infant under the age of fourteen years [illegible] the one part and Goodwin [illegible] farmes [farms] of the said country of the other part witnesseth that the said Elizabeth Boon by and with the allowance and consent of the county court made at the April [illegible] 1857 in pursuance of the statute in that case made and provided has put and placed and by these presents dos put and place the said Nat Boon the child of the said Elizabeth Boon age eight years an apprintice [apprentice] Goodwin [illegible] with him to dwell and to serve from the date of these presents untwil [until] the twenty fifth day of November eighteen hundred and sixty nine at which Boon for herself her heirs [illegible] hereby covernent [covenant] promise and agree to and with the said Goodwin [illegible] his heirs [illegible] that he the said Nat Boon the said Goodwin [illegible] his master shale and will faithfully serve in all lawful business acording to his power wit and abillity and honously ordily and obediently serve and behave himself towards his said master during the said term of apprinticeship [apprenticeship] and the said Goodwin [Deutter?] for himself his heirs [Eeors?] [illegible] covernent [covenant] promis [promise] and agree to and with the said Elizabeth Boon her