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Know all men by these presents that we Thos. H. Urquhart & Joseph W. Urquhart are held & firmly bound unto the overseers of the poor of the county of Southampton in the just & full sum of one hundred & sixty five dollars lawful money of the United States, the payment whereof well & truly to be made to the said overseers of the poor, we bind ourselves, our & each of our heirs, executors & administrators jointly & severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals & dated this 15th day of June 1857. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the county court of Southampton county did at the May Term 1857 make the following order. The consent of the court is granted Jane Hill free negro to bind her son Robert to Thos. H. Urquhart till of age. The said Thos H. Urquhart paying the mother $15.00 per year for the services of the apprentice after arrives to the age of ten years, except for the last year & for that year that he pay to the apprentice himself the like sum of $15.00 Now therefore if the above bound Thos. H. Urquhart shall well & truly satisfy & pay the said several sums of money with interest at the times they shall respectively fall due, then the aforegoing obligation to be paid, else to remain in full force & virtue. Thos H. Urquhart {seal} Jos. W. Urquhart {seal}