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the time he attains the age of twelve years to the age of sixteen years, and twenty five dollars per annum from the time he attains the age of sixteen years until he attains the age of twenty one. The last years hire to be paid the said Robert Pretlow the apprentice. In witness whereof the said overseers of the poor and the said Wm Binford have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and affixed their seals this twenty seventh day of January eighteen hundred and fifty-nine. Thos. Barham O.P., S.P (Seal) Edwin White O.P. S.P (Seal) Wm Binford (Seal) In Surry County Court 28th February 1859 The foregoing indentures were this day presented and filed in the Clerk's office of this Court according To Law. Teste Wm P. Underwood CC A Copy Teste Wm. P. Underwood D.C.