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On or before the first day of January next, we promise to pay or cause to be paid to Mary H Clairborne the just and full sum Ten Dollars it being for the hire of a Negro boy named Henry Corbin, & the said negro boy to be returned at the end of the year 1859, well cloathed, with a Blanket, & Hat, or [illegible], & the said cloathes must be a summer Suit, & two Shirts, & they must be made of Cotton [illegible], a suit of winter cloathes, & they must be made of Satinet [Sheets?] [illegible], a pair of Shoes in spring, & a pair in winter, & the sai boy, must not be carried out of Wmburg, & must not be hired in a brick yard, or any where to toat bricks, clear of all expense Doctors fees excepted, & for the true & faithful payment, of which sum of money, & cloathing, we do hearby find ourselves, our heirs Executors Administrators to pay to the said, Mary H Clairborne, her heirs Executors Administrators As witness our hand & Seal this 1st day of January 1859 James G Maynard [SEAL] William L Caughlin [SEAL]