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This Indenture, made the eighth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty five between Will'm Randolph and James Way gentlemen, overseers of the poor of the County of Frederick of the one part, and Rittenhour of the said County of the other part --- WITNESSETH, that the said overseers, in consequence of the authority in them vested by law, have put, placed and bound, and, by these presents, do put, place and bind Amanda Marvina free negro girl unto Rittenhour with him to dwell and serve after the manner of an apprentice, until she shall arrive at and attain the full age of eighteen years, (the said Amanda Marvina being 13teen years old the 1st day of October next) during all which time the said apprentice her said master well and faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, and his lawful commands at all times readily obey; hurt to her said Master shall not do, nor willingly suffer the same to be done by others; but forthwith shall notify him thereof. The goods of her said Master shall not waste or embezzle, nor them lend without orders from her said Master. From the service of her said Master shall not at any time depart or absent herself without permission, and in all and every thing and things shall truly, honestly and faithfully demean herself towards her said Master as a good and faithful apprentice ought to do.

 IN CONSIDERATION WHEREOF, the said Rittenhour on his part and behalf, doth hereby promise, covenant and agree, to and with the said overseers and their successors, that he will constantly find and provide for the said apprentice food wholesome diet, clothing, and cleanly washing and lodging, suitable to her degree, during the whole term of servitude, and that he will teach, or cause the said apprentice to be taught the duties of a housewife within the said term, and at the expiration thereof pay and allow her the sum of twelve Dollars for her freedom dues.  IN WITNESS whereof, the parties aforesaid have to these presents interchangeably set their hands and affixed their seals, the day and year first above written.  William Randolph (SEAL) William Ritenour (SEAL) (SEAL)  Signed and Sealed in presence of }