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to be performed by the said John Newton Fletcher and Edmond Fletcher doth hereby convenant promise and agree to pay to Fanny Fletcher the mother of said children Six Dollars per annum for each of them during their apprenticeship Except for the last year for which he is to pay to each of them Ten Dollars and the said Martin R Kaufman doth covenant and agree with the said Overseer of the poor and his successors in office during the said term that he the said Martin R Kaufman shall and will teach or cause the said apprentices to be taught the business of a farmer, and shall and will provide and allow unto the said apprentices during all their said term competent and sufficient meat, drink, washing, lodging apparel and all other things necessary for the said apprentices. In witness whereof the said overseer of the poor and the said Martin R Kaufman have hereunto & interchangeably set their hands and affixed their seals this second day of November One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty three. Joseph Long {Seal} M R Kaufman {Seal}