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1845 June 30. Pursuant to an order of the County Court of Frederick this day made, I Mary Larrick adm'r of Joseph Larrick do hereby assign and transfer to David J Miller, the within Indenture, he complying with all the comments and obligations of the said Joseph Larrick herein contained. In Witness whereof in the sd Mary Larrik and David J Miller have herein to set our hands seals this day and date above written. Mary Larrick {Seal} David J Miller {Seal} Teste P Williams

Attison Richardson Indenture Addison Richardson

March 6 1854 I hereby assign the within Indenture to Thos Glass without recourse against me in any event D J Miller March 6 1954

Addison Richardson Indenture 1854 March Term given David Miller to assign Indenture to Thomas Glass