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INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS--Continued ACTION--BRIGADE ENCODING SECTION FORCED--MISSION ENCODING SECTION--Continued REGIMENT--UNIT ENCODING SECTION--Continued CODE GROUP PANEL MEANING Yoke Hypo Tare 590 Regiment, s (at, locate) Baker Jig King 132 Reinforce, d, ing, ment, s (at, locate, request) Cast Fox Afirm 152 Relief airplane (request) Baker Easy Afirm 128 Relieve, d, ing, s, (request relief) Roger Tare Roger 463 Remain, ed, s; remainder (of) Mike Inter Prep 361 Reorganize, d, ing, s (at) Queen Fox Victor 428 Repair, ed, ing, s Negat Sail Jig 393 Repeat, ed, ing, s; repetition Inter Fox Hypo 267 Replace, d, ing, ment, s Victor Dog King 541 Reply; acknowledge; answer Afirm King Cast 110 Reply (will) by dropped message Roger King Xray 455 Reply (will) by panels Inter Sail Cast 278 Reply (will) by pyrotechnics or signal lamp King Baker Easy 309 Reply (will) by radio Baker Love Cast 134 Report, ing, s (to) (that) Baker Fox Jig 129 Report our location (to) Fox Love Sail 226 Report your position (to) Sail Yoke Sail 490 Reported (at) (that) (to) Mike Roger Jig 369 Request, ed, ing, s Baker Easy Afirm 128 Request relief (relieve, d, ing, s) Victor Zed Afirm 560 Reserve, s (at, locate) Queen Unit Jig 441 Retire, d, ing, ment, s Victor Prep Xray 551 Retreat, ed, ing, s (to) Victor Easy Tare 542 Rifle, s Queen Zed Tare 445 Right (starboard) (at) Afirm Easy Jig 105 River, s Mike Dog Easy 357 Road, s (at, locate) Queen Xray Baker 443 Road junction, s (at, locate) Roger Xray Sail 466 Road obstruction (at) Inter Zed Easy 284 Sailing vessel (at, locate) Baker Unit Xray 142 Searchlight, s Jig Afirm Easy 285 Section, s (at, locate) Xray Dog Baker 564 Sector; zone of action Queen Hypo Easy 429 Secure; seize Mike Queen Afirm 368 Send, ing, s; sent Inter Prep Baker 275 Service, ing, s Cast Tare Easy 164 Several Love Roger Sail 346 Shell, ed, ing, s Cast Tare Easy 164 Several Love Roger SAil 346 Shell, ed, ing, s Hypo Love Jig 249 Ship No. (from head to rear, or left to right) Dog Victor Negat 189 Shots failing (splashes) (at) Easy Love Baker 203 Shrapnel Love Victor Cast Sight, ed, ing, s Tare Yoke Jig 513 Signal

Fox Jig Afirm 224 Silence

Hypo Roger Cast 254 Situation (at) Roger Unit Afirm 464 Small boats (at, locate) Yoke Prep Easy 597 Small body, ies (at, locate) Love Sail Baker 347 Small guns (stokes, etc.) (at, locate) Prep Zed Cast 422 Smoke screen (smoke) Easy Victor Easy 212 Sound locator, s (at, locate) Afirm Roger Easy 116 South (of) Hypo Afirm Xray 239 Speed (miles per hour) Dog Victor Negat 189 Splashes (shots falling) (at) Dog Jig Sail 178 Squadron (class) Cast Baker Queen 148 Start series (A, B, etc.) at (time) Hypo Easy Hypo 243 Steamer, s (at, locate) Jig Fox Yoke 290 Stop, ped, ping, s Prep Love Yoke 410 Stream, s King Inter Hypo 315 Strength Cast Afirm Hypo 147 Submarine, s (at, locate) Jig Fox Yoke 290 Stop, ped, ping, s King Inter Hypo 315 Strength Cast Afirm Hypo 147 Submarine, s (at, locate) Baker Zed Hypo 146 Supply, ied, ies, ing Yoke Victor Hypo 603 Supply vessel (at, locate) Yoke Unit Yoke 602 Support, ed, ing, s Love King Queen 340 Swamp, s, y Mike King Hypo 363 Tail (at, locate) Negat King Yoke 386 Take, ing (off) Tare Roger Hypo 507 Tank, s (tank steamer) (at, locate, No.) Roger Prep Hypo 459 Time is; what is your time? Sail Queen Hypo 483 To; towards Dog Cast Queen 172 Today Negat Jig Prep 385 Tonight; night Prep Mike Hypo 411 Torpedo airplane, s (at, locate) Fox Dog Hypo 219 Tractor, s (tractor drawn) (caterpillar track) Afirm Xray Yoke 121 Trail, ed, ing, s Inter Hypo Queen Train, s (at, locate) Roger Queen Queen 460 Trenches (at, locate) Jig Hypo Hypo 291 Troop, s (at, locate) Hypo Fox Queen 244 Troops advancing (landing) (at, locate) (make arrow) Afirm Zed Queen 123 Troop stopped (at, locate) Xray Victor Queen 580 Truck, s Love Inter Yoke 338 Turn lights on water area Xray Unit Hypo 579 Under Inter Easy Yoke 266 Unit, s Tare Queen Yoke 506 Unit commanders with parties proceed column (to)