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SPECIAL PANEL SIGNALS PYROTECHNIC SIGNALS RADIO CALLS IDENTIFICATION GROUPS DECODING SECTION OF SUPPLEMENT MAD-SMF DECODING SECTION-Continued 354-480 AAZ-FJA DECODING SECTION 101-224 ENCODING SECTION-Concluded UNSATISFACTORY-ZONE CODE GROUP PANEL MEANING Roger Easy Dog 450 Unsatisfactory; bad; poor Baker Afirm Queen 124 Until Jig Easy Prep 289 Upon; on Mike Jig Yoke 362 Use, d, ing, s Sail Prep Yoke 482 Valley Sail Mike Fox 480 Vehicle, s, ular (traffic) Unit Jig Mike 523 Verify, ication Roger Fox Mike 451 Verify message from origin and repeat Tare Fox Unit 497 Very Easy Dog Queen 196 Vessel, s (at, locate) Roger Roger Zed 461 Via Unit Inter Dog 522 Vicinity (of) Fox Sail Unit 232 Visible, ility Love Zed Dog 353 Wagon, s (at, locate) Victor Unit Queen 556 Wait, ed, ing, s Queen Easy Mike 427 Water (at, locate, need) ed, ing (area) Mike Love Queen 364 Wave, s Afirm Negat Dog 113 We; I Case Mike Cast 158 We are being gassed Love Dog Nega 334 Well; good; satisfactory Negat Negat Zed 389 West (of) Tare Inter Mike 499 What *See special panel signal, fig. 5, p. 18. CODE GROUP PANEL MEANING Jig Unit Love 303 What do you find (at)? Find (at) Yoke Inter Cast 591 What is (locate) unit on my Roger Prep Hypo 459 What is your time? Time is Love York Unit 352 When Jig Inter Queen 292 Where Victor Inter Unit 545 White panels (use) Yoke Xray Queen 604 Will Prep Baker Unit 401 Will finish in minutes. (How much longer?) Mike Baker Mike * Wind direction, what is? (indicate) Tare Sail Queen 508 Wing, s Baker Negat Unit 136 Wire Entanglements (at, locate) King Zed Mike 330 Wish to advance, increase range Victor Jig Dog 546 With Love Love Zed 341 Withdraw, al, ing, n, s (from ) Prep Dog Mike 403 Within; in; into Unit Tare Queen 532 Wood, s (at, near) Negat Cast Mike 379 Yards Negat Mike Queen 388 Yes; affirmative Afirm Mike Unit 112 You; your Negat Baker Dog 378 Your message delivered (to) Xray dog Baker 564 Zone of action; sector SUPPLEMENT GROUPS CODE GROUP PANEL Tare Tare Zed 509 Victor Hypo Love 544 Dog Xray Xray 190 Yoke Tare Prep 601 Easy Baker Yoke 194 Baker Dog Roger 127 Love Mike Inter 342 Baker King Tare 133 Negat Queen Roger 391 Fox Inter Roger 223 Baker Xray Prep 144 Baker Mike Love 135 CODE GROUP PANEL Prep King Prep 409 Xray Zed Roger 583 Victor Roger Prep 553 Inter King Roger 271 Baker Yoke Yoke 145 Hypo Jig Roger 247 Hypo Tare Unit 256 Inter Afirm Negat 262 Yoke King Unit 593 Queen Sail Roger 439 Xray Baker Jig 562 Dog Queen Unit 184 CODE GROUP PANEL Fox Baker Prep 217 Xray Queen Xray 575 Jig Xray Dog 305 Cast Yoke Prep 168 Sail Xray Jig 489 Easy Sail Dog 209 Xray Sail Prep 577 Roger Mike Prep 457 Inter Cast Fox 264 Afirm Yoke Hypo 122 King Yoke Dog 329 Easy Jig Jig 201 CODE GROUP PANEL Easy Xray Negat 213 Sail King Negat 478 Victor Afirm Jig 538 Queen Love Prep 433 Victor Tare Hypo 555 Tare Negat Fox 504 Yoke Love Dog 594 Tare Prep Prep 505 Unit Zed Jig 537 King Mike Roger 319 Mike Fox Xray 359 Hypo Baker Fox 240 AGL-T2 11