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Certificate 6 Nov 45 date 1. I certify that I have personally examined the items of captured enemy equipment in the possession of James D Turpin S/Sgt 33533387 and that the bearer is officially authorized by the The Theater Commander, under the provisions of Sec VI, Cir 155, WD, 28 May 1945, to retain as his personal property the articles listed in Par3. below. 2. I further certify that if such items are to be mailed to the US, they do not include any items prohibited by Sec VI, Cir 155, WD, 28May 1945. 3. The items referred to are: Pistol A vto Cal 38 Lugar # 7735 John N Wood signature 1st [illegible] Rank, Branch and Organization] (This certificate will be prepared in duplicate) lef 8-46 5,000,000 78.920 AG USFET form N* 33