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104th Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division Action Against the Enemy Report 6 Oct 44: The Regt moved in convoy, less advance detail, plus Co B 114 Med BN Atchd. Hq groups closed in bivouac arera [sic], Vic Athbienville, 1130, 6 Sep 44 Mission: Releif of lines and hold Pos in area held by CCB 4th Armored Div. The Relief was receded by a detailed Rcn of sector by the officers of the Regt from Regtl Comd to Plat Ldrs (1000-1800) Orgn Cmdrs acquainted themselves with the disposition of the defending forces and with known hostile disposition. Arrangements completed for transfer of supplies and equipment to be left on the position by the unit to be relieved. Guides detailed from the unit to be relieved, met each Inf Plat and conducted it to its Pos. 2nd BN occupied assigned Z 0230, 7 Oct 44 conjunction with 51st Armored Inf Bn. 1st BN occupied assigned Z 2400, 6 Oct 44, conjunction with 10th Armored Inf Bn. 3rd Bn Res, bivouaced Vic Athienville. Spec Units bivouaced Vic Athienville less SV Co, Vic Hoeville, Artillery, Antiaircraft, Armored Forces, Engineers, Signal, and other supporting and Atchd units, position and command unchanged. Execution of relief not yet completed. Troops on Pos and dug in. Present command, no change, (4th Armored Div). 7 Oct 44: Regiment was now in occupation of its line and possition [sic]. Zone of responsibility of 1st and 2nd Bns were changed. 3rd Bn was committed to its zone of responsibility. By 2230, the 2nd Bn had completed its reorganization of line. 3rd Bn in Pos in Z of responsibility by 0240, 8 Oct. 1st Bn completed reorganization of line 0445, 8 Oct. The execution of the relief was completed. Troops were on Pos and dug in. 10th Armored Inf Bn out of line by 100, 7 Oct. 51st Armored Inf Bn out of line by 1015, 7 Oct. CCB still in command. 8 Oct 44: Unit was in occupation of line and Pos. New Regtl CP closed in 1315 Vic Basse, Riouville Fme, Arracourt, France. Active patrols for contact. 9 Oct 44: Situation unchanged. 10 Oct 44: Two outposts were established to secure commanding terrain and improve Positions. 11 Oct 44: The outposts were pushed forward while the present line was held and the necessary rectifications made. Outpost #1, K CO cleared first ridge and first patch of woods at 0745, direction Hill 296.5 Flushed out 4 Germans, then moved ahead at 0830. Took both woods. Light En opposition, some MG fire which withdrew and some light Arty fire. Organized and dug in on Pos. Final position 1500. (I, F, and 1 plat of TD). Ln made with 2nd Cav from S. Outpost #2, Plat of CO C moved against hill 264.8. Met opposition. En dominated terrain, forcing back Co C Plat with casualties. Co E at 1600 moved from reserve against hill 264.8, under support of Arty fire. En mortars, Arty, and one to three tanks active. Co E held reverse slope of hill at 0800. 12 Oct 44: Regiment in occupation of line and positions. Arty and heavy mortar fire of En Pos at Bezange, hill 259, 264.8. 13 Oct 44: General situation unchanged. Outpost contact on right flank made with 2nd Cav Group. 14 Oct 44: Situation unchanged 15 Oct 44: Situation unchanged 16 Oct 44: Positions on line regrouped and reorganized. Regt still in occupa-