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YD Grapevine Sunday, October 21, 1945 NO. 5. Alsace

A House "I'm tellin' ya we're livin"

Maginot Line "Whoever said the Heinies didn't have ammo-I wish he was here."

In Reserve "When you're hikin' your feet hurt; now ya get a nice hole to rest in and your knees is stiff!"

Into Germany "Brooklyn looks better."

No. 6. Metz Garrison Life "I don't know which is better security and chicken or self-respect and bullets."

Combat Boots "Well, with these boots, we don't have to bother with any damn laces, putting 'em on and off."

Reinforcements "I wonder if they'll be able to use all of is as clerks."

Sudden Departure "Maybe three days of rest is enough for the Infantry--it beats me!"