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No. 7. Into the Bulge

Strategy "Does anybody know where the hell we're going or where the Krauts are?"

Meeting Engagement "If any of you clerks don't know how to load an M-1 now's the time to talk up."

Christmas Eve "Merry Christmas, Lepke, How's your trench foot."

Happy New Year "For the coming year I resolve to become a civilian."

No. 8. Out Of The Bulge F0 "They're getting tuned in, Lepuke. Maybe we ought to change the program."

City Lights "A few more 88s in there, and we'll be able to go back to sleep again."

Outpost "Another half-hour more. Let's talk about the Diamond Horseshoe and that blonde in the Gaieties."

Allies "I'm telling you, Kluts-the sunshine is good for ya. It brings out the Air Corps."