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Moody, James I., Pfc., Dallas, Fla.: Roberts, James L., T/5, Cheneyville, La.: Lovejoy, Dawsie B. Jr., T/5, Culverton, Ga.: Murphy, Robert E., T/5, Elwood, Ill.: Sigman, Francis, Pvt., Dott, W. Va.: Nawrocki, Stanley G., Pfc., Chicago, Ill.: Gilchrist, Eugene T., Pfc., Portland, Ore.: Skilton, Edgar A., Pfc., Mount Holly Springs, Pa.: Hirsch, Harold "[illegible]"., Pvt., New York, N. Y.: Henry, Eugene C., Pfc., Dougherty, Oak.: Meinecke, Robert R., Pvt., Grand Island, Neb.: Weidenfeld, Sidney, T/5, Bronx, N. Y.: Beech, Charles K., Pvt., Kingston, Pa.: Nutt, Clifton H., T/5 Point, Tex.: Lindner, John W., Pvt., Chicago, Ill.: Simpson, Phillip R., Cpl., Carthage, Mo.: Johnson, William F., Pfc., Ozark, Ark.: Fultz, Thomas W., Pvt., O' Donell, Tex.: Boulette, Mitchell H., Pfc., Brookfield, Mass.: Myers, James H., Pfc. Wallang, Tenn.: Beckham, Caswell B., Pvt., Graham, Tex.: Neglia, William, Pfc., New York, N. Y.: Steadman, Francis E., Pvt., Pawtucket, R. I.: Shaw, Daniel L., T/5, Sparta, Wis.: Eichmeier, Murel "[illegible]" Pfc., Florence Station, Ill.: Smits, Alton J., Pvt. Chicago, Ill.: Owens, Walter L., Cpl., Feather Falls, Cal.: Richardson, Thomas V., T/5, Colfax, Wash.: Turpin, Herby W., Pvt., Pulaski, Va.: Wilkinson, Albert E., Pvt., Greenville, Cal.: Hewitt, Ronald E., Pvt., Brooklyn, N. Y.: Laib, Richard A. T/5, Detroit, Mich.


Company "F" was activated on the 15th day of April 1941 at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, with Captain Robert E McCabe in Command until the month of September, 141 Cadre from Ft. Benning, Georgia, provided the nucleus around which the Company was eventually formed to its present status. Company was transfered from Fort Beauregard, to Camp Polk, Louisiana shortly after being activated. Capt. "[illegible]" relieved of command, 1st Lt. Anthony J. Brody assumed command until June 1942, at which time 2nd Lt. Abraham S. Kahn took over the command of the company. Left Camp Polk via train on the 21st day of July 1942 for extensive training in Desert Warfare at Desert Training Center, Mojave Desert, California. On the 27th day of July, 1942, an unforgetable episode in all our lives, we arrived at Freda, California,. Temperature at time of debarking hovered between 135-140 degrees in the shade, and no shade in sight. Training camp was located 15 miles S. W. of Freda, on Desert Center-Parker Dam Highway. Nearest town - Freda - population......15 people. A typical menu for one day: BREAKFAST - beans, sardines: DINNER - desert chicken (sardines), beans: SUPPER - beans, sardines, beans. Not all cans of sardines were ravenously devoured, many were saved to be used during training problems as land mines. Most trust-worthy weapon: can opener. Life-saver: water bag.

Maneuvered every inch of Desert Training Area which included, Blythe, Needles, Indio, Barstow, Rice, California, and a certain small portion of Arizona. The day long hoped for finally arrived, for on the 29th day of October, we entrained at Freda, California, for another destination, Camp Picket, Virginia. Arrived at Camp Pickett, Virginia on the 6th day of November, 1942. Entrained for Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pennsylvania, on the 17th day of January 1943, and arrived at our destination on the 18th day of January, 1942.

No finer group of men have ever been in as harmonious relationship than the personnel of Company "F". They have set their goal and will reach it victoriously, through the stamina gained by extensive training in cooperation and efficiency. Theirs shall be the final victory...............................E PLURIBUS UNIM.

Photograph taken on the 28th day of July, 1943.