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-15 1/2- before Thanksgiving and as yet we havent [sic] seen the sun. During this time the Quartermaster had evidently not received information relative to our location or else he was out of underclothes, socks and shoes. It was a disgrace for the majority of men in our regiment did not have a change of either and many of them were without socks or underwear. This condition existed for several months before it was corrected and during this time the sun never shone. It was either rain or snow each day and during this time the order of all army orders was issued. Training bulletin #2, Paragraph 3 which read that "these maneuvers would be held regardless of weather conditions." It was the straw that broke my back for my blood surely did boil to think of these poor devils going out in the rain, snow and slush, some without socks or underwear, and the others with no change to make when they returned wet and cold. With what purpose, only to comply with the fool orders of the "Higher Ups". After the experiences of the men here they can readily appreciate the sufferings of the gallant followers of Washington during the winter of '76 and '77 at Valley Forge. It was at this time that I withdrew my request and application for commission in the regular army. During these several months many incidents worth recording have occurred, which I am mentioning as follows: the cold which Monsieur Achilles Gross' Madame so faithfully doctored for me; the burial of one of the village's most popular estaminey proprietors. The men all turned our in high hats and frock coats - such a sight you have never seen for the styles of all ages were