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-16- present and most of them were green from old age and usage. After the services at the cemetery the men adjourned to the estaminet of the Past and proceeded to hold a celebration by drinking toasts to the departed. They were soon drinking glasses full and before long some were "hitting" the bottles, all of which was gratis. Another time I saw them digging a grave and in doing so they dug up the bones of some departed one and they just put them over the fence outside of the cemetery. Of course this aroused my curiosity and upon investigation I found that the rental payments had not been paid and would not be and it was customary to remove the remains when ground was needed. The vacation trip taken by Captain Nottingham and myself - to Paris, Marsailles, Cannes, Grasse, Nice, Monaco, and across the border into Italy. On our return from Nice we came through the French Alps, by Digne, Grenoble, Lyon, Dijon and back home. We were allowed ten days plus travel so we arranged our travelling and were gone twenty-one days. It was a most wonderful trip during which time we took in everything of interest. The sights and life of Cannes and Nice, the perfume factories of Grasse, Monte Carlo at Monaco. On our return from Nice to Digne we left Nice in the A.M. with oranges on the trees, flowers in full bloom and at six o'clock that evening we were up 10,000 feet in the mountains. The train stopped at this point to let us get out on the ground. The snow here was over four feet deep. From Digne we went to Grenoble which is the seat of learning. While here we went through some of the buildings but did not tarry long as we had heard of the life at Lyon so we were soon on our way. At Lyon we had a wonderful time -