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-17- a beautiful city and lots of life. To Dijon where I paid my respects to the hospital crowd and then to Ancy le Franc which was our getting off place. The night we returned from Ancy le Franc, Colonel Gordon, Captain Stringfellow, Captain Nottingham and myself, after having attended the function at the Officers Club, I was driving the car and upon arriving at the railroad crossing the "fog" prevented me from seeing that the gates were down. I crashed through one but brought the car to a stop on the track. At this time Colonel Gordon, who was on the back seat woke up and said "Hell Terry, hit it hard, there is only one more." Our trip to Tonnerre for the Corps Horse Show. Darkness caught us on the way and we had no lights on the car except the small oil lamps just below the wind shield. We found there was no oil in these, so Nottingham suggested putting gas in them. We finally agreed to try it but you should have seen our arrangement for lighting them. We were afraid of an explosion so we got a long stick and made a torch on the end, got behind a tree and we all had our over coats off ready to smother the flames, when "Bingo" to our surprise nothing happened. We waited awhile and then went to the back of the car, shook it, rocked it and put it through every sort of test until we felt that all was safe. We arrived in Tonnerre all O.K. where we joined the rest of the gang. Here Nottingham and I made our fatal mistake in locating a dance hall-- Incidents galore happened during our stay in winter quarters but time and space will not allow me to arrange all and then they would possibly not be of interest to others so I will