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-19- through the air when he "lost control of his wings" and flew out of the window. It was a ridiculous sight as he was a large man weighing over 200 pounds. March 30th. In Paris now and have been assigned to temporary quarters in the Crillon Hotel. My permanent quarters will be with the Battallion out on Boulevard Pierre. My duties will be few and I will have plenty of time in which to enjoy and see the sights of Paris. The battallion numbers about 1200 men and it is made of men of every walk of life. It is supposed to furnish all of the men needed in connection with the Peace Commission. For instance the Crillon Hotel is run exclusively by men from here, all clerks, valets, chauffers, lawyers, accountants, bankers and in fact specialists of every following are needed and are included here. They are scattered all over the city and as the ones who are billited at the barracks work in shifts it is next to impossible to have any military control. About all that I have to do is just be around and see that the records are kept. As the duties will not interfere with my pleasure I know that I will like it fine. It is now the first of September and I have been here five months. Have seen and taken in the wonderful City of the World. It is now time that I turn my eyes homeward and I have today started the ball rolling by putting in a request for immediate orders for my return to the States. While here I realized that it was my one opportunity to see and enjoy everything and I have taken advantage of it all