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-20- from one extreme to the other, from a visit to the sewers to attending a function given by President Poincaire and shaking hands with him. I have visited every point of interest in or about the city from the opium dens of Montmart to the Palace of Versailles. In fact I could well qualify as a guide for during these five wonderful months I have seen everything and know Paris as well as Wytheville. While here I made numerous trips in "my" Cadillac (which was assigned to me). I went over all the battle ground from Maux to Chateau Thierry, to Soissons, to Fismes, The Vielle, and to Rheims. Made three trips to Rheims, one being on Easter morning. The destruction here was awful, practically the entire city being laid in waste. I was agreeably surprised to see the small damage to the Cathedral. In comparison to the buildings near it the damage was only slight. Approaching it from the front entrance you could hardly detect any damage. The damage was all in the roof and in the rear. After seeing the complete destruction of the other and adjoining buildings you could not help but admit that the Boche had not wilfully [sic] attempted to destroy this magnificent memorial. I also made the trip from Paris to Verdun where we spent the night and the next morning we went to the Bois de Borrus where we were shelled on the night of the 25th of September. From here we retraced the movements made by us during those memorable days of September and October. Nature had made such progress already in healing the wounds and scars of those days of toil and strife that