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-3- they would be too much to narrate: (a) The Hun who wanted water, though dying I refused him as we could plainly see that he had killed one of our Sergeants by shooting him from the back with a machine gun. (b) The dead Hun sitting on the bank -though he had been there for two days he sat upright with chin resting in his hand and his eyes open. Even the color was still in his face. (c) Our breakfast of scrambled eggs and honey on the morning of the 28th. Even though they were supposed to poison everything we took a chance. (d) Trying to take boots off a wounded German officer. (e) The wounded German who for two days say by the mangled bodies of three of his comrades whose bodies had been literally torn to pieces by a hand grenade. We, of course, were evacuating our wounded first so he had to wait his turn. He sat for two days uncomplaining but just asking that we not kill him as he had seven little ones at home. Upon being relieved we moved back to a hollow in the rear of Cuisy and made ourselves at home in a system of German trenches. As we passed over the hill in the rear of Cuisy I was so surprised to see John "Sally" Floyd sitting down on the side of the road making little ones our of big ones. He was with 305th Engineers, a part of our Division, and they were repairing the roads. Of fourse I had to stop and talk awhile with him but I did not linger long as Jerry soon let us know that he had few cannog left. It was a great relief to get back to a place of rest where you could either lie down or walk about without having some one take a shot at you. While here we got our first mail in over three weeks. I found seven letter all filled with