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-8- evacuated and I am the only officer left at headquarters who is not severely affected. I explain this being due to the fact that I remained awake all night while the others caught some sleep and in this way possibly got their masks off their faces. I was dead tired as I had not been asleep since a nap on the night of the sixth. I couldn't sleep with the mask on and my face covered with slime and slobbers. When I took my mask off about eight I immediately fell asleep which I enjoyed for an hour or so. As the day went by I began to feel the effects of not only my burns but from a burning cough which brought forth blood. I would not leave as I was needed for by this time Corporal Banks, acting Sergeant Major, was practically blind. Our stay here was full of action, the regiment having met with most stubborn resistance. The Hun had already practically destroyed three American divisions while the latter were trying to dislodge them from the Bois des Ogons. On the tenth Chaplain Wallace told us of the death of two of his burial squad which was under most peculiar circumstances. They had gone to sleep together in a shell hole, when he found them they were dead, a shell having hit one passing through his stomach and then cutting both legs off of the other. The shell was a Dud and had not exploded and was visible sticking in the ground having been practically spent when it struck them. The worst of all deaths to be struck by a Dud! I stuck to my post until the afternoon of the 11th when we were moving forward to our new P.C. I had to give up and was evacuated about dark to the field hospital where I remained