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-10- Langres. Our accommodations on the train were far from comfortable-eight of us were taken from stretchers and put in a third class compartment car on wooden seats where we couldnt [sic] lie down. Here we were refused hot chocolate and wafers by one of the Red Cross workers because "we were officers." She was just a narrow minded fool. Before the train left they locked us in and it was late the next morning before we arrived at Langres. I remained there for five days when I was loaded on a French ambulance train-these cars were the famour [famous] 8 Chexaux or 40 Hommes, but they were fitted with steel deck cots, springs and such beautiful and heavy white blankets I have never seen! I tried to get one but the "Old Frog" who looked after the car was too mindful. Our destination was unknown but we awoke the next morning to find that we were in Vichy. Here we were put in the resort hotels which did afford every convenience and pleasure. The American government had taken over all of the hotels there and there were about twenty thousand patients housed in the City. There was a shortage of doctors and nurses and attendants due to the thousands of patients who had been rushed there during the past week. There was a call to the wounded for doctors and first aid men to assist. One doctor, Captain Fisher, of Pittsburgh, who came along through with me from Langus, left his bed the second morning and performed seven operations. While there in the hospital the papers brought us the news of the capitulation and surrender of Austria; this good news was more than we could stand in bed so we just had to get out and