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Army of the United States Separation Qualification Record Save This Form. It will not be replaced if lost. This record of job assignments and special training received in the Army is furnished to the soldier when he leaves the service. IN its preparation, information is taken from available Army records and supplemented by personal interview. The information about civilian education and work experience is based on the individual's own statements. The veteran may present this document to former employers, prospective employers, representatives of schools or colleges, or use it in any other way that may prove beneficial to him. 1. Last Name - First Name - Middle Initial McLeod, Robert P 2. Army Serial No. 33 219 169 3. Grade Pfc 4. Social Security No. Unknown 5. Permanent Mailing Address (Street, City, County, State) Box 205 Alexandria, Virginia 6. Date of entry into Active Service 10 Jul 42 7. Date of Separation 23 Oct 45 8. Date 8 Apr 09 9. Place of Separation Separation Center Ft. Geo G Meade, Md. Military Occupational Assignments 10. Months 11. Grade 12. Military Occupational Specialty 3 Pvt Infantry Basic Training (521) 6 Pvt Duty Soldier III 24 Pfc Shipping and Receiving Clerk (835) Summary of Military Occupations 12. Title - Description - Related Civilian Occupation Receiving and Shipping Clerk - Routed cargo received at port to designation. Checked incoming cargo Separated cargo according to destination and assigned it to outgoing vehicles. Participated in two campaigns. WD AGO Form 1 Jul 1945 100 This form supersedes WD AGO Form 100, 15 July 1944, which will not be used.