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[printed: MY LOG AND DIARY] [printed: For week ending ___ 193_ ] [printed at left are labels for each day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Handwritten entries do not match up with labels.] April, 1939. Colon, Cristobal, Balboa, C.Z. Great liberty in Panama. Canal Zone very beautiful. Great thrill to go thru the Canal for first time. Islands in Gatun Lake had crocodiles and other animals on them. Very beautiful country. Sorry to have to leave. May 1st 1939 Went aboard the U.S.S. Whitney in Balboa for permanent duty on May 1st. Lot different from U.S.S. Concord but a better home. Bigger & more like a home. Got my clothes locker & bunk and am all squared away for the present. May 11, 1939. Awfully sorry to have to leave Panama for the states. Cruise in Atlantic waters was ver pleasant and I hope to return for another. May 20, 1939. Arrived in San Diego from Panama after 9 days at sea. Haven't been ashore yet. Expect some nice liberty here. Home port of the Whitney. [printed: CRUISING RECORD] [printed: WEIGHED ANCHOR | DROPPED ANCHOR | DISTANCE FORWARD -] [printed: DATE | PLACE | DATE | PLACE | TIME OF TRIP | [printed: TOTAL MILES AT SEA TO DATE]