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[printed: MY LOG AND DIARY] [printed: For week ending ___ 193_ ] [printed at left are labels for each day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Handwritten entries do not match up with labels.] June 1, 1939. Left San Diego for San Francisco, Calif. to see opening of the World's Fair. Time of trip was three days. Foggy & cold in Frisco but real good liberty. All units of Fleet present. Fair was very enjoyable. Town was too big to see everything. Stayed until July 15, September 1939. Went to see on battle maneuvers. We represented a force of 7 battle ships for drill purposes. Engaged in sham battles. Stayed out 5 days [printed: CRUISING RECORD] [printed: WEIGHED ANCHOR | DROPPED ANCHOR | DISTANCE FORWARD -] [printed: DATE | PLACE | DATE | PLACE | TIME OF TRIP | [printed: TOTAL MILES AT SEA TO DATE]