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[printed: MY LOG AND DIARY] [printed: For week ending ___ 193_ ] [printed at left are labels for each day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Handwritten entries do not match up with labels.] September. 9, 1940. Left Pearl Harbor for Lahaina, Maui T.H. for one week fleet maneuvers with Sect. of Navy, Knox. Scheduled to fire 15 salvos 5" 51. Cal on Friday, 13, Sept. Gun drills all day and field day. All units of the fleet present. Anchored at Lahaina Roads Sept. 11. Underway again Sept. 12. Emergency drills coming up tomorrow morning. Sept. 11, Uesing guns all day long now. September 12, 1940, Transferred at sea to U.S.S. Dobbin as fire observer. They fired 40 salvos 5" 51 cal. & 3" A.A. guns. Returned to Whitney and fired 15 salvos. 14 hits. No casualties. Rescued crew of Patrol Bomber forced down at sea. Plane salvaged. Returned to Pearl Harbor on Saturday, September 14, 1940. Concussion of 3" A.A. guns tore my whaleboat up. [printed: CRUISING RECORD] [printed: WEIGHED ANCHOR | DROPPED ANCHOR | DISTANCE FORWARD -] [printed: DATE | PLACE | DATE | PLACE | TIME OF TRIP | [printed: TOTAL MILES AT SEA TO DATE]