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[printed: MY LOG AND DIARY] [printed: For week ending ___ 193_ ] [printed at left are labels for each day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Handwritten entries do not match up with labels.] October 7, 1940. Three days out of Pearl Harbor, Ran into heavy ground swells and head winds today. Squalls and rain all day. Lot of sea sickness. Expecting heavier weather tonight. Speed 15 knots. October 10, 1940. Hit better weather. Starting to get cold now. Better spirits with all hands. October 12, 1940 7:15 P.M. Arrived at San Diego, Calif. from Pearl Harbor T.H. Moored st'bd to Navy Pier. Big crowd to see the Whitney come in. Ran into heaviest fog I've seen yet about 10 miles out of San Diego. Passed thru it to clear weather. I have the duty the first night in. Naval Affairs Committee left the ship for Washington. It was a good, uneventful cruise. Happy to get back though. Time of trip was 7 days and 2 hrs. for 2,278 miles. November 2, 1940. Underway at 9:30 A.M. from San Diego for Bremerton Navy Yard, Puget Sound, Washington. Calm weather except for pretty heavy ground swell. Expect to go in Dry dock to scrape bottom November 21, 1940. Thanksgiving Day - We are in No. 1 Dry dock now. Scraped [printed: CRUISING RECORD] [printed: WEIGHED ANCHOR | DROPPED ANCHOR | DISTANCE FORWARD -] [printed: DATE | PLACE | DATE | PLACE | TIME OF TRIP | November 1940 | San Diego, Calif | To | Bremerton, Wash. | 1500 | December 1940 | Bremerton, Wash. | To | Honolulu, T.H. | 2478 | December 1940 | Honolulu, T.H. | To | Hilo, Hawaii, T.H. | 300 | [printed: TOTAL MILES AT SEA TO DATE] 18,860