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[printed: MY LOG AND DIARY] [printed: For week ending ___ 193_ ] [printed at left are labels for each day of the week, Sunday through Saturday. Handwritten entries do not match up with labels.] August 19, 1941 Underway from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to San Diego, California for leave and recreation cruise. First six days out we ran into a heavy storm. Lost some gear, lot of sea sickness on board. Arrived at San Diego at 0600 on August 28, 1941. Ten days at sea. Ships with us are the Arizona, Nevada, Pensacola, Indianappolis, Holland, and eight destroyers, besides the Lexington. May 19, 1941. Underway for practice maneuver, and convoy practice. Blackout every night. Bombing raids by planes. Battle lookouts. Returned Pearl Harbor May 25, 1941. Last entry into log. Jack Wickham [printed: CRUISING RECORD] [printed: WEIGHED ANCHOR | DROPPED ANCHOR | DISTANCE FORWARD -] [printed: DATE | PLACE | DATE | PLACE | TIME OF TRIP | August 1941 | Pearl Harbor, T.H. | To | San Diego, Calif. | 2,278 Miles May 1941 | Pearl Harbor, T.H. | To | Sea & return | 1,344 [printed: TOTAL MILES AT SEA TO DATE] 23,282