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[No?] 20 Augusta County to wit [Jack?] Kinney a man of Colour about 5 feet 6 inches high Black complexion, the third finger on the right hand cut off at the [mid?] joint well [illegible] and about twenty [six?] year of age. Has resided in August County about 15 years was born free Henry [J? Tapp? CoClk?] June the 20th 1817 [illegible] 25 March 1823 " 3rd Sept 1834

No 21 Augusta County to wit: Peggy, a girl, very black, about [34?] years old, four feet eleven inches high, - a lump on her neck, [Some?] of her front teeth out, emancipated by William Young [executor?] of William Young deceased in [illegible] of his last will and testament, by deed bearing date the 27th of July 1818 recorded in this [illegible] [of?] Augt 8: 1818