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No 20 Augusta County to wit Jack Kenney a man of Colour about 5 feet 6 inches high Black complexion, the third finger on the right hand cut off at the 2nd joint well made and about twenty six years of age & has resided in Augusta County about 15 years was born free Henry J Tapp D Clk June the 20th 1817 renewed 25 March 1823 " 3rd Septr 1834

No 21 Augusta County to wit: Peggy, a girl, very black, about 34 years old, four feet eleven inches high, - a lump on her neck, Some of her fore teeth out, emancipated by William Young Executor of William Young deceased in pursuance of his last will and testament, by deed bearing date the 27th of July 1818 recorded in this court. Clks Off Augt 8: 1818

22 Augusta County, to wit: George, a Boy, rather of a yellowish complexion, about one year old, two + an half feet high:- no particular marks; emancipated by William Young, Executor of William Young dec.d, by deed bearing date the 27th day of July 1818 + admitted to record in this court. Clerks off: Augt 8 1818