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No. 29 Captain Connelly a young man, of black complexion, was born of a free woman, and bound out as an apprentice by the overseers of the poor for Augusta County, to Amos [Crosby?]; being now freed of his apprenticeship, is hereby registered this 29th day of March 1820.

No 30 Augusta County to wit Registered in this office [Cathy?] a dark Mulatto Girl about 20 years of age, is the same that was emancipated by Margaret [McKarny?] under the last will and Testament of Thomas [McKenny?] as appears by a [illegible] of emancipation from said Widow, and the certificate of Henry I [illegible] Clerk of the County Court of [Rockenham?] Teste [Illegible] [Shritling?] CC

No 31 Augusta County, to wit Registered in this office Sarah Prior, a Black woman- Five feet Two inches high and about Sixty three years of age & Born free as appears by the [evidence?] [of?] [William?] [Sprowly?] Esq before the County Court [aforesaid?] on this day. Given under my hand [this?] 23rd day of October 1820 Teste [Nicholas?] {Kinney?] [DCAC?]

No 32 Augusta County, to wit, Registered in this office [Postus?] Prior, a light coloured negroe. Five feet Eight and one half Inches high about Forty Six years of age [illegible] son of Sarah Prior with a scar above his left eye & a scar on his [illegible] and son of Sarah Prior who was proved Born free before the County Court on this day. -- Given under my hand this 23rd day Of Octobr 1820 Teste [Nicholas?] [Kinney?] DC