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No. 29 Captain Connelly a young man, of black complexion, was born of a free woman, and bound out as an apprentice by the overseers of the poor for Augusta County, to Amos Crosby; being now freed of his apprenticeship, is hereby registered this 29th day of March 1820.

No 30 Augusta County to wit Registered in this office Cathy a dark Mulatto Girl about 20 years of age, is the same that was emancipated by Margaret McKarny under the last will and Testament of Thomas McKenny as appears by a deed of emancipation from said Widow, and the certificate of Henry J [Garnole?] Clerk of the County Court of Rockinham Teste Erasmus Stribling CC

No 31 Augusta County, to wit Registered in this office Sarah Prior, a Black woman- Five feet Two inches high and about Sixty three years of age & Born free as appears by the evidence of William Sprowly Esq before the County Court aforesaid on this day. Given under my hand this 23rd day of October 1820 Teste Nichs C Kenney DC AC

No 32 Augusta County, to wit, Registered in this office Postus Prior, a light coloured negroe. Five feet Eight and one half Inches high about Forty Six years of age had a son of Sarah Prior with a scar above his left eye & a scar on his chinn and son of Sarah Prior who was proved Born free before the County Court on this day. -- Given under my hand this 23rd day Of Octobr 1820 Teste Nichs C Kenney D C