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No. 33 Augusta County to wit. Registered in this office Peter Prior a light coloured negro; Five Feet Ten Inches high aged about thirty nine years of age, with a scar on the left side of the upper lip & a scar on the Back of the left hand and son of Sarah Prior who was proved Born free by the oath of William [Sproul?] Esq before the County Court [illegible]. Given under my hand & [seal?] this 23rd day of October 1820. Teste. [Nicholas?] [Kinney?] DC

No 34 August County to wit, Registered in this office Nathan Dinwiddie a free man of colour was born free as appears by the certificate of Spotswood Garland Clerk of Nelson County -- He is a bright mulatto of a pleasing countenance about six feet high twenty three years of age has a scar on his upper lip and over his right eye -- and Registered in the Clerks office of Nelson County on the 28th day of August 1820. Teste [Nicholas?] Kinney DC Oct 24th 1820 1823 [illegible] 27th [illegible] with the seal 1826 Aug. 28th - same - 1833 [Nov?] [14th?] same 18[illegible]9 Sept 24 same same Jany 29 185[1?]

No 35 August County, to wit Registered in this office Frederick [McNair?] mullatto, Six Feet 2 3/4 inches high aged twenty seven years [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] with a lump on the back of his left hand. and emancipated by a deed from David [McNair?] [being?] [date?] the 28th June 1803 and recorded in the Clerks office of the county [aforesaid?] -- Given under my hand this 25th December 1820. Teste [Nicholas Kinney?] D?] [Renewed?] the 23rd of [July?] 1833 Teste [J?] K [Stribling?] DC