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No. 36 "City of Richmond, to wit, Registered in the office of the Court of Hustings for the said city, the fifth day of October 1819. No. 1184. [Mose?] a black man about five feet ten inches high, about twenty six years old and emancipated by Thomas {Harris?] per deed recorded in Hanover County [next four words illegible] by [two words illegible] A true copy this 25th day of February 1870 [illegible] C. Howard [illegible] Registered in the clerks office of the county court of August the 7th day of April 1870. Teste Nicolas [Kennedy?] [illegible]

No 37 August County to wit Registered in this office James Maxwell a free man of colour, about 33 years of age of a dark mulatto colour. blind in the left eye, and about five feet nine inches high and was free born. Teste E. [Shibling?] [illegible]