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No 61 Augusta County court clerks office to wit Alexander Bowles a free man of colour It appearing to the county court of Augusta that he is a free man of a dark mulatto complexion aged twenty one years in April last was born free in the county of Albemarle about 5 feet 10 inches high with a scar over the left eye, occurrencd by a burn. Given under my hand with the seal of the court the 28th day of October 1823 Vincent Tapp DC ac Renewed the 23rd of June 1834. renewed 10 August 1854 T "[illegible]" clk. No 62 new certificate of registry granted the 15th day of Deem 1827 tests Nathn Kinsy DC renewed 21st of Nov 1829 T Kinney DC Augusta County to wit: Sam a negro man of black complexion aged 27 years old; 5 feet & 3/4 inches high much pitted with the small pox the said ego being emancipated by David McMan by deed of emancipation dated 28th of June 1803 (see order of court). Given under my hand and the seal father court the 29th day of October 1823 Vincent Tapp DC