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No. 76 Renewed the 9th day of April 1828 [illegible] Renewed by order of Comt. [illegible] 1838 [illegible signature] Augusta County Court Clerk's office, to wit: Harvey Burns (son of Nancy Burns) about twenty three years of age, black complexion, 5 feet 11 inches high, a scar on the back of the right hand, born free; and now registered in this office. Given under my hand with the seal of the Court affixed, this 24th day of November 1823. Vincent Tapp [illegible]

No. 77 1851 May 2nd [illegible] by order of court with add description of "a scar on the nose" [illegible] Augusta County, to wit: Peter Stepney a black man about 40 years of age 5 feet 10 inches high of a dark complexion no scars or marks visible manumitted by James Ritzgold in the State of Maryland, and now registered in this office, by order of Court. Given under my hand with the seal of the Court affixed this 3rd day of February 1824. [Illegible] Jefferson Kinney [illegible]

78 Augusta County, [illegible] Court Clerk's office, to wit: Registered in this office RichardCooper a free man of colour, was born free as an [illegible] by a certificate from Arthur B. Davis clerk of [New Kent?] County. He is of a yellow complexion and has no apparent mark or scars, about [twenty?] years of age, five feet eight inches high and by occupation a brick layer. [And?] registered in the Clerk's office of Augusta County on the 15th day of September 1823. [Illegible] Jefferson Kinney [illegible] [illegible] granted this day --- March 30th 1824