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no scars or marks perceptible

No. 495 Lucy Jackson of Black Complexion about thirty years of age five feet high with a notch in the right ear and a lump on right Jaw.

" 496 John David of Copper colour about ten years of age four feet two inches high no scars or marks perceptible

"497 Susan of Mulatto complexion about 8 years of age four feet four inches high. no scars or marks perceptible

"498 Frances Hannah of Mulatto complexion aged about 6 years + six months. three feet ten inches high no scars or marks perceptible

"499 Jane Anne of Copper color aged 4 four years and six months three feet four inches high no scars of marks perceptible

"500 Wm Alexander of Copper color aged two years + eight months three feet one inch high with a scar on the right eye

All the aforenamed persons were emancipated by the Last will and testament of Elizabeth P. [Via?] decd dated the 23rd day of May 1857 of record in the clerks office of his court, but there registers are without leave to remain in this state Given under my hand this 28th day of January 1861 John D. Imboden The foregoing copies of Regists were delivered to Wm F Smith Executer of Elizabeth P. Via decd at date

501 Registered in this office in pursuance of an order of the County Cour of Augusta Entered on the 25th day of February 1867 Elizabeth M. Vaughan, aged about twenty years five fee five inches high, with a small scar on left of upper lip and was born free in the County of Augusta Given under my hand the 21st of March 1861 John D. Imboden clk