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University of Virginia Charlottesville Office of the President January 13, 1912.

Mrs. Mary C. B. Munford,

503 E. Grace St.,
Richmond, VA.

My dear Mrs. Munford:

                   I have your kind letter and have seen all of

the paper and note the progress made, which is remarkable.

    As to the public hearing, I do wish that the hearing

could take place in a simple way and before a committee as a regular definite committee hearing, at which we could speak simply and practically and conversationally, permitting questions to be asked and the matter to be gone over. If it takes the form of a public meeting in the hall of a house at night with the galleries crowded and the whole meeting suggesting the propaganda side of the situation, it is impossible to approach the matter in the way sensible men would like to have it approached, and simply the oratorical and sentimental and the superficial gain control of the situation. The older I get, the more I believe in getting at the root of a thing in an intimate, practical way. At least it seems to me that this situation now calls for that sort of treatment. When I had to sweep out of our student life here a mass of foolish stuff and deal with the psychology of the lads, it was one thing. I want to serve you, of course, in every possible way. My Board is not a unit in this matter, by any means. They will do whatever they are bidden to do, however, and they will not deny me the right of exercising my own judgement.

           Very sincerely yours,
          Edwin A. Alderman