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503 East Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia, December 6, 1919.

Dr. E. A. Alderman, President, University, Va.

My dear Dr. Alderman: Since our conference in Richmond I have, according to your request, written Dr. Chandler, urging him to see Stewart Bryan. I have asked Dr. Bowie to ascertain if he can Bishop Brown's feeling in regard to the matter we are now interested in. As soon as I get this information I will write you, since I understand it is our policy to endeavor to get Bishop Brown to approach Mr. Bryan. A letter from Mr. Walton Moore to Mr. Meredith reports that a recent visit by him to Judge Norton is altogether opposed to anything being done by the University for women. Perhaps Judge Norton may change his views when he meets with the Board and finds the mass of sympathy, with something tangible being done. I have written Mr. Moore and suggested that he approach Mr. Bryan, feeling he would carry weight with him. Mr. Moore Mr. Moore seems very much overwhelmed with his Congressional duties, and since I believe some word from him to Stewart Bryan would be most helpful,