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Dr. EAA - 2. word from you to Dr. Chandler, expressing your appreciation of his statesmanlike position in this matter, and asking his interest with reference to Mr. Bryan, would be both helpful and timely. Dr. Chandler is a new factor in the field and carries much weigh with Mr. Bryan and the News Leader as one of the progressive and potent factors in public education in Virginia. Two other things occur to me, namely, getting Dr. McGuire interested, and through him his uncle, Mr. Robert-son [Robertson], and also using Mr. Maphis to increase Superintendent Hart's enthusiasm. Superintendent Hart would certainly carry much weight with Mr. Bryan. I believe this completes the list of things you suggested my doing. If there is any further service in which you feel I can be useful, I shall be most happy to render the same. I note in Professor Thornton's letter to Mr. Meredith that the question of the terms of admission for women has been under discussion. I trust sincerely that this matter of terms of Senator Strode's bill will be followed, namely, admitting the women to Graduate and Professional work on the same basis as the young men, only requiring that they be eighteen years of age. There will certainly be no objection to these terms of admission, I believe, on the part of the Legislature, since this bill of Senator Strode passed by a majority of by 3 to 1 in the Senate, and I am quite sure would have passed in the House could it have been brought to a vote. On the vote to take it up out of order it had, as I recall it, some 10 majority. With cordial good wishes and very sincere hopes that under your leadership and that of the Board of Visitors this long discussed measure may be brought at least to a successful beginning, I am, with regards, Sincerely yours,