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Special Regulations Are Made for Department of Law - Other Virginia News Notes.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Feb. 21. -- The requirements which will be made of women entering the graduate and professional departments of the University of Virginia in September have been adopted by the board of visitors of that institution in special session.

No woman under twenty years of age will be admitted to the university, and except in case of special students in the department of law, must have done at least two years of college work prior to entrance at the university. Women entering the department of medicine will be placed on the same footing of men, two years of prescribed college work being required. In the graduate department also no distinction is made between men and women in entrance requirements, but special regulations are made for the departments of law, engineering and education. Following is the list of requirements made in various schools: 1. General age limit - Candidates for admission must be more than twenty years of age on the date of registration. 2. Department of graduate studies- Same requirements for women as for men, viz., a baccalaureate degree. 3. Department of medicine-The same as for the admission of men, namely, two years of prescribed college work. 4. Department of law - Regular students: A baccalaureate degree, or, failing this, not less than twenty-two years at the nearest birthday, and in addition, two years of college work. Special students: Application must be at least twenty-three years of age, and fulfill the other requirements as prescribed in the regulations for the admission of men. 5. Department of engineering-Two years of college work. 6. Department of education -That women meeting the entrance requirements of this university, and having credit for two years of college work aggregating thirty session hours of academic work, shall be admitted too the Curry memorial department of education. 7. General agreement-Women who have competed elsewhere the group electives required for vocational B.S. (usually two years, aggregating thirty session hours) may be admitted as candidates for this degree.