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Dr. EAA - 3. I note that three members of the Board of Visitors have been changed by the Governor, and therefore we do not know just what will be the temper or the incoming Board. I do believe that it would be well if the viewpoint of those, who have worked so earnestly for the opening of the University to women during the past ten years, should have an opportunity to be presented by them to the Board before the rules and regulations now passed upon have been put into operation. I say this more out of interest for the future of the University than for the immediate satisfaction of the minds of the women, because I believe that the future of the University, so far as it touches the support on the part of the women in the matter of public appropriations, will be vitally affected before we get through the action of the Board at the time of their admission. Please pardon me for taking the liberty of expressing so fully to you my views. It is not done with any desire to obtrude them upon you or the University authori-ties [authorities], but simply in the spirit of one who cares for and has worked for the development of public education in our State, and as the Chairman of the Committee which has strug-gled [struggled] so long to bring the wisdom and the necessity for better provision for the higher education of women before the State authorities. It is evident that the State has become con-verted [converted] to the idea of making large provision for the same. It is now a question whether the University will enter into its natural and rightful heritage in this particular provision, or whether, by the niggardly and ungenerous attitude at the beginning to the women, it will destroy for many years the [illegible] appeal for such funds as the State will certainly devote to this purpose. I am, with high regard, Sincerely yours, Mary-Cooke Branch Munford