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To the day and night police of the city of Richmond. The bearer Ann Singleton formerly a slave having been manumitted by Saml. Jones a citizen of Richmond by deed duly recorded in the Hustings Court of the City of Richmond and the said Jones being now absent from the city in the army of the Confederate states and unable in consequence thereof to apply to the Court of Hustings for leave for said Ann Singleton to remain in the Commonwealth of Virginia under the laws relating to Manumitted slaves and being well acquainted with the parties, and ready to testify in favor of the application where it shall be called before the Court will most respectfully ask of the said City police officers not to intefere with the said Ann Singleton until the said Saml. Jones shall return from the army, (as I believe the local defences of the City of Richmond) that proper and legal course may had in the premises. Richd. D. Sanxay J.P.