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In the name of God amen I Andrew Gibson being sick and weak in body but in perfect sence and memory the Lords name be praised for it Doe make this my last will & testament as followeth -

First. I bequeath my souls to God almighty who I hope is my saviour & my redeemer & my body to the earth to be [illegible] buryed. Secondly. I give to my sonn & daughter Buckner two negroes by name [Kofce?] and Janine. Thirdly. I give to my sonn & daughter Buckner my silver Flagon. Fourthly. I give unto Alexander Doniphan junr. one mare & her increase forever. Fifthly. Give unto Anne Doniphan one mare & her increase forever. Sixthly. I give unto Mary Mountjoy Allen Mountjoys wife twenty shillings to buy her a ring. Seventhly. I give unto my son Starke's two children twenty shillings a peace to buy [illegible] a ringe. Eighthly.