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John Champe Junior in the same manner as she would have been had there presents and the clause relating to the said sum of one thousand five hundred pounds never been made and the said John Champe Junior had on his [?] marriage with the said Ann Carter been actually seized and pofsefsed of an absolute estate of Inheritance in fee simple of and in the said lands slaves and promises before mentioned anything herein before contained to the contrary here of many wise not in the landing In witnefs whereof the parties hereto have interchangably set their hands and seals the day and year [?] above written - Sealed and Delivered In the presence of John Champe John Champs Junior Ch Carter Ann Carter (the words [?] adjoining) underlined before signing - William Stuart For: [Name?] [Name?]

Marriage Contract John Champe John Champe Jr Chas Carter Ann Carter April 17th 1762