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Hanover County to wit;

I John Pate being a Justice of the peace for the aforesaid County, do hereby certify that Tazewell Barker, of said County hath this day made Oath before me that William a negro slave whome he hath now brought before me is a runaway, that he hath Just grounds to believe the said slave is for this year the property of Henry Curtis of this County, and that he was taken up on this day and the distance. in my opinion, between the said place where the said slave was apprehended, and the residence of the said Henry Curtis is six miles. Given under my hand this 9th day of July 1833 John Pate

for taking up $5.00 10 cts per mile 6 miles .60 $5.60

Received payment of the above five dollars and sixty cents of Doctr. Curtis Tazewell Barker