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This Indenture made this [left blank] day of [left blank] in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and forty nine between William I Lumpkin of the first part. N B Hill of the second part; and Frances B Lumpkin all of the City of Richmond of the third part. Whereas, some unhappy differences have [illegible] between the said William I Lumpkin and Frances his wife, and they have mutually agreed to live separate and apart from each other, and previous to such separation he the said William I. Lumpkin for and in consideration that the said Frances B. his wife will, and which by this Indenture she now relinquishes release, and forever [illegible] to all right, title, [illegible] and interest which she has, or may have to, any property of whatsoever kind, [illegible] by virtue of a deed of [trust?] [illegible] by said William I. Lumpkin to Edward [Hill?] of the County of King William [bearing] date the 30th day of December 1846 duly recorded in the County Court Office of King Wm County aforesaid, all of which [illegible] more fully [illegible] by reference to said deed, and whereas [illegible] that the said Frances B shall, and which she now by this Indenture does relinquish all right of dower, and claim whatever in and to the estate of all kinds both real and personal [illegible note written in] of the said William I. Lumpkin. Now this Indenture {witnessed?], that for and in consideration of five dollars in hand paid to the said William I Lumpkin by the said Hill the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, he the said William I Lumpkin hath given, [illegible], [illegible] gained and sold, and by there presents [doth?] give, grant, bargain, sell and convey and transfer unto the said N B Hill his heirs and [assigned] the following negro slaves, to wit, one negro man named Washington to be held as Mrs Frances B Lumpkin's [illegible] property in [illegible] [seinple?], and one negro woman named Pink to be held in [illegible] [seinple?] for the sole and only use of her the said France B Lumpkin and also two other negro slaves named Nat and Roy.