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the full amount, and as those legatees reside out of this Country is my earnest desire that my executors will use every means in their power to pay the above legacies as speedily as possible.  I give to my friend Mary Cook now in Virginia the sum of fifty pounds currency to bear her expenses to her native Country if she inclines to return to England, or if she prefers it in lieu of the fifty pounds I give her six pounds per annum to be [punctually?] paid in quarterly payments during her life, and likewise four pounds currency to be laid our in necessary articles for her use annually during her life, this annually to be paid out of any part of my estate that my executors may think most convenient to insure a regular and punctual payment.  Having already freed my two mulatto children Aggy now in her seventh year, and Charlott in her fifth year, - 'tis my will and desire that they shall both receive their freedom at the age of eighteen and that my niece Elizabeth Robinson, on my decease, shall take Aggy under her care and protection until that period, and it is my desire that if my niece Jane Russell should marry and settle that she will take Charlott under her care after my decease till she arrives to the age of eighteen and trust they will be hired to them for my sake and that my two nieces Elizabeth Robinson and Jane Russell when the time of their servitude is expired will cloath them decently, and that they may not be sent out naked, pennyless and unprotected to an unfeeling World, tis my desire they be each furnished out of my estate with a large new good blanket and each to receive at the age of eighteen ten dollars, and this I desire my friend Anthony Robinson to see duly and truly performed.  It is my will and desire that my two negroe women Nanny and Sally be entitled to their freedom at my death and it is my request that my executors hereafter mentioned on their part see that this bequest may be fully and compleatly carried into effect and I desire that each of them be furnished with a good large new blanket and Nanny to receive six pounds in cash and Sally three pounds, these sums to be paid to them immediately on my decease.
the full amount, and as those legatees reside out of this
After the above legacies are fully [provided for out of my estate I give all the remaining part of my estate consisting of bonds at this time in my possession with the interest [illegible] from them to the full amount of eighteen hundred pounds currency, my home and lot and furniture, except such part of my furniture as may be hereafter disposed of by memorandum I desire may be sold and equally divided between my two nieces  Elizabeth Robinson and Jane Russell daughters of William Russell by his first wife, my niece Elizabeth Farrow, and it is my express will and desire that the said William Russell

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