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shall not have any concern whatever with any part of my estate so left to his daughter Jane, but that part of my estate shall be paid to Adam Craig esquire for the use of my niece Jane until her marriage and the money be placed out at interest on public or private securities as my friend Adam Craig esquire may think safest and most to her advantage and convenience in receiving the interest regularly towards her more comfortable support till her marriage 'tis also my wish that if my niece Jane die unmarried on that event the legacy hereby devised to Jane shall be given, to be equally divided amongst the children of my niece Elizabeth Robinson. I do appoint my friends Benjamin Waller esquire and Mr. Anthony Robinson of Richmond my executors and I desire they may not be required to give security for the execution of the said trust. I appoint my friend Adam Craig esquire to receive the legacy given under the afore conditions to my niece Jane, and request that on the payment to him, my executors may not require security for such payment. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty first day of April 1801. Jane Charlton