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Alexaqnder Spotswood His Majts. Governor and Commaneor in Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia - To Samuel Bough James & Wilson George Newton William Crawford Robert Tucker Samuel Bough jun'r [illegible] Newton Richard Choshirs Edward Thruflon George Burgess and Waltor Bailey all of the County of Norfolk Gentlemen Greeting - Whereas by an act of the General Assembly begun at the Capitol this twenty third day of October in the fourth year of the Reign of Her [illegible] Majesty Queen Anne anno Domini 1705 Entitled An Act for the [illegible] and [illegible] [illegible] of Slaves Committing Capital Crimes It is [illegible] "That every slave committing such offense as by the Law ought to be satisfied by the death [illegible] slave to [illegible] committed to the common Good of the County within [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] shall be committed there to e safely kept and that the Sheriff of such County upon such Commitment shall forthwith Certifie Such - commitment with the [illegible] thereof to the Governor or Commander in Chief of this [illegible] Colony and Dominion for the time being who is thereupon desired and Empowered to issue out a Commission of Oyer and Terminer directed to such [illegible] of the County as he shall think fit which [illegible] forthwith after the receipt of such Commission are Empowered and esquired to[illegible] the offender to be Published [illegible] and arraigned at the County [illegible] of the said County and to take for evidence the [illegible] of the party or the oath of two Credible Witnesses or of one with [illegible] [illegible] without the Solomnity of a jury & the offendor being by them found guilty to pass such Judge [illegible] upon such offendor as this Law Provides in the [illegible] and on such Judgment to award Execution. AND WHEREAS It hath been [illegible] to me by John Wilson Gent Sheriff of the said County of Norfolk that Luke a negro man Slave belonging to Mr [illegible] of the said County is Committed to and remains in the Common Goal of the Said County on Supervision of his being Guilty of Felony and burglary in breaking and entering the Storehouses of Samuel Smith of the Said County Gentleman and Stealing Sundry Goods, and other folonious Crimes and hath prayed that a Commission May issue for the Tryal of the said Slave according to the [afore??] out of the General Assembly Know ye therefore that I the said Alexander Spotswood Lt. Govornor by virtue of the power and authority to me granted by His Majty as Commandor in Chief of this Dominion do assign and Empower you the said Samuel Bough James Wilson George Newton William Crawford Robert Tuckor Samuel Bough jun'r Lemuel Newton Richard Cheshire Edward Thruston George Burgoss and Waltor Bailey or any four or more of you whereof any of you Samuel Bough James Wilson George Newton William Crawford Robert Tucker or Samuel Bough jun'r shall be one Justices in Such manner and by such ways and methods as in the said act of the General Assembly is directed prescribed and set down to require of and to hear and determine all Treasous Pettit Trsasous or [illegible] whereof felonys Murders or other offences or Crimes whatsoever Committed or perpotrated within the said County of Norfolk by the said Slave named Luke and more especially the Crimes aforesaid For the [illegible] performance whereof you or any four or more of you as aforesaid are hereby required and Commanded Sometime between this day and the fourth day of March meet Publickly at the Courthouse of the said County to [illegible] the said Negro Slave to be Judicted and arraigned for the Said offence or offences or any of them whereof he shall be accused and the said Negro Slave being found guilty in such manner as the Said act of the General Assembly doth direct to pass Judgment as the law of great Britain Proud as in the like safe and a such Judgment to award execution or otherwise him to [illegible] as of right ought to be done. Given under my hand and the Seal of the Colony at Williamsburg the Ninth day of February 1719 in the Sixth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George. A Spotswood